Feb 17, 2018 – George Town, Bahamas

Started the day with “omelette by Pierre” – delicious. We decided to take a water taxi into town.

Omelette time.

Our dinghy is quite small and the water was choppy this morning, evidenced by larger dinghys go bouncing by us. We didn’t want to get wet, had three bags of garbage to dispose of and we’re going to bring back groceries, wine and beer.

All govt buildings in the Bahamas are pink

We walked around town and dropped into Peace & Plenty, the little hotel where we plan to have brunch tomorrow morning before Peter & Wilma head for the airport. It is a lovely hotel with fabulous views to the channelfrom their back patio. Wilma and I visited a couple of shops while Bob and Peter went in search of someone who could repair the jib. Tape from the leech unravelled for about six feet when we were sailing to George Town.

We dropped into the yacht club and could see they had made a lot of repairs to the docks and hoped to be able to sell fuel again in about a month. We had a very good lunch at the club and when I asked about the damage to the docks, the waiter said it was from the most recent hurricane. The grocery store was a pleasant surprise, very well stocked although we did get the last two tubs of yoghurt. We also verified it was a good decision to take the water taxi. To get to the dinghy dock by the grocery store you have to go into a narrow channel that runs under a bridge. The combination of current against waves creates a least a two foot wave in the channel, that would have been lots of fun in our dinghy! Bob & Peter found a tailor who said he could repair the sail so they’ll take it in tomorrow morning.

Return journey on the water taxi

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