Feb 25, 2018 – Emerald Bay Marina

Lifted anchor around 10:30 am and had a very pleasant sail to Emerald Bay Marina. It’s only 12 nm so we got there around 1pm. After a week+ of high winds a lot of people were on the move today, going both north and south.

Wee Finnish Line beside Montreal yacht.

We got fuel before we went to our slip and saw that TSALTA, a large yacht we were near at Annapolis back in October, was moored on the other side of the fuel dock – small world and all that.

Our slip is beside a power boat from Montreal

We’re staying for two nights so we can get laundry done. It’s free but there are only two working machines and dryers so I’m planning to go early tomorrow in the hope of getting  a machine without waiting. I had a shower – great to be able to wash my hair without being paranoid about how much water I was using. On the boat I wash it in seawater and do a quick rinse in fresh water. It’s now long enough I can easily clip it up, helps when you can’t wash it too often. We were pleasantly surprised that after seven days at anchor we still had not used up all the water in the largest tank (there are two other tanks plus the hot water tank) – so I could have washed, not just rinsed, in fresh water?. We were careful with our water use when doing dishes etc. but it’s good to know we don’t have to be quite so worried. It’s all a bit of trial and error.

It was a short walk to the Grand Isle Resort & Spa for a poolside patio lunch. The pool overlooked another spectacular turquoise bay. We both over indulged, including dessert but the food was really good. There are a lot of Canadian boats here, both sail and motor, many from Quebec.

View from our lunch table

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