May 16 – East of Lock 10 Erie Canal NY

Off the wall this morning in time to catch the 1st lock at 7am. A very crowded lock which I had not experienced before. The first 5 are called a flight and one had to do them all as there’s no place to stop. All 5 gave us a 165’ of lift. After lock 7 though I heard the sound of an overheated engine. ? We got out of the main channel, dropped anchor and finally found the impeller, pulls in the seawater to cool the engine, had all its blades shorn off. BUT none were in the engine as all were still in the impeller housing. Replaced impeller and all good although there remained a small drip from behind the impeller. Called the closest marina and they don’t deal with diesels and probably nobody does for many many miles. So called our diesel mechanic at home, Kevin Mac and he said we were good to go and he would look at it when we get home. Thanks, Kevin!! All in all this cost us about 90 minutes so although we hoped to get to Amsterdam we missed getting through lock 10 as it was after 5pm when we arrived. So here we sit to wait the 7am opening tomorrow. Enjoyed BBQ’d steaks eaten on deck and enjoyed a pretty sunset.

The adventure continues tomorrow.

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