May 19 – Fulton New York

We were right about the weather. About one in the morning the East winds came up with the usual wave slapping on the stern. Left about 6:30 to get away from it. Went through one lock and the predicted rain arrived. Decided we cut the day short and by 8:30 we were tied up to the Phoenix town dock. By 10am the temps are supposed to go down to 49F/9.5C 

A whip around Phoenix including a look at the lock. Lock Keeper invited us in to view the controls. After returning to the boat Peter announced that he was bored and suggested we move on to Fulton. So 7nm and one more lock finds us in Fulton on the wall just before the next lock. Other pic shows tomorrow morning’s lock from the other end … you can see our boat back down the wall in the distance.

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