Days 22 & 23 Tadoussac 22 nm today 574 nm to date

Set off at 7am under clear skies with little wind. Almost warm! Near Tadoussac the winds came up from the SE but we were soon into the marina after dodging the 2 ferries that operate across the fjord. Tadoussac is an interesting old village visited by Jacques Cartier in 1535 and established as a trading post in 1599.

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Ramble On heads to the west shore to give the up bound freighter room
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Tadoussac harbour comes into view







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A parking lot? Only in summer.

Beside the Marine Mammal Interprétation Centre there is a parking but only in summer. It is the basin of a large, old dry dock that in the winter they use to store their boats. The cradles are set out, the dry dock is flooded and boaters drive their boats in at high tide and into their cradles. The lock door is shut and the dry dock drained. Very ingenious.

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The old dry dock as it was
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Cradles “stored” for the summer by the dry dock door






We also toured the Mammal Interprétation Centre which had some good exhibits regarding the whales in the area and an excellent movie about rescuing a calf whose mother had died. After being resuscitated she was returned to the water where she was adopted by a mother with a calf.

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Fabulous photo from the interpretation centre

We are here tomorrow due to lots of rain and possibly the following day due to high winds.

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  1. You sure make the Saguenay look like a great place to visit. It’s now on my land lubber list.

    1. Yes we were very surprised at how beautiful it is …. wonder what the impression would be from a car and/or hiking ??

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