Day 39 Escuminac NB 16 nm today 1008 nm to date

A dull and rainy morning. We set off at 1pm to make the short 15 nm hop to position ourselves for the calmer weather tomorrow in the Northumberland Strait. many hundreds more lobster pots and we crossed over (according to the chart) The Lump and The Swashway.

We are in a harbour that has the largest fishing fleet in the Gulf of St Lawrence. There are two basins. We went into the inner one to get diesel but at times we only had a foot under of water under our keels. A lot of fishing boats had just come in and were refuelling so we were directed to the outer basin where we tied up and rafted together. Fuel dock opens at 8am with no competition as all the boats will be out. However it’s also low tide so we think we’ll carry on and get fuel at the next stop.

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