Day 74 Halifax NS 35 nm today 1637 nm to date

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Ramble On departs Jeddore
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Nice picture of Ramble On about 500’ away

Woke up to …. surprise! Fog. Well not dense fog more of a shroudie fog that had mostly cleared by the time we departed at 8am. However, once we were back out in the Atlantic it was as thick as ever. Occasionally it would lighten so we could see each other at 1/4 a mile away but that was rare. Finnish Line 2.0 has radar so Ramble On was in charge of navigation while Finnish Line 2.0 rode radar shotgun. Kept Ramble On abreast on port side and did see two boats appear near them. The first I suggested they slow and alter course. The second was just a heads up as a boat was coming their way but along a parallel course. Some time later I saw a pink dot on the radar off my starboard bow 1/2 mile away. It seemed erratic and heading my way. I slowed and radioed Ramble On that I was altering course to cross their stern. Shortly after got a call on the radio for Finnish Line (thank you AIS) asking me if I could see him. I replied that I could see him on radar and he said he was behind me. I looked around and there was a mid-sized fishing boat 50th off my stern! Yikes! After that I figured out how to attach movement vectors to radar targets!

Once we got to the main Halifax buoy magically the far shore appeared and the remainder of the fog quickly lifted for our entrance into Halifax. We headed up the Northwest Arm to the Armdale YC. A wonderfully friendly club in a very pretty setting. It was a British military prison setup in 1802. US War of 1812 prisoners were held here as were WW II German naval prisoners. The clubhouse sits on a high bank with the docks in a circle around the island. The dining room and patio offer a very beautiful view across the docked and moored boats to the treed shore of Halifax proper.

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We’ve made it to Halifax !!
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Armdale YC
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The view from the clubhouse

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  1. Wow- big milestone to have made it halfway +!!
    I love Halifax – Many eons ago I spent a whole summer in Digby NS which is right on the Bay of Fundy.
    Love reading your blog!

    1. It’s all downhill from here!! Didn’t know about your Digby gig — look forward to hearing about when next we meet.

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