Day 97 Burnt Coat Harbor Swan’s Is ME 16 nm today 2011 nm to date

Other than the crab pots it was a pretty easy, sunny day with half of it under main only kinda drifting along like real cruisers. With low tide approaching the narrow channel entrance was a bit of a cautious entrance into the harbour—we kinda came in through the side door. Took a long time to find a good anchorage spot so we didn’t hit any crab pots, nor fishing boats nor run aground …. one of most challenging so far this trip. We got it done but then didn’t like so we got it done again. As usual Ramble On rafted from us so we enjoyed cocktail hour and a good dinner. Dinner was below despite the beautiful view of the fishing village but cold and mosquitos do that to one. Sadly there are no photos of the village but you’ll have to read tomorrow’s entry to find out why.

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Ramble On leaving Northeast Harbor behind










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