Feb 14th Bluff Settlement/Big Bluff 57 NM To Date 506 NM

Today we knew was going to be windy with waves and some of the trip would be a honking good sail whereas the pieces exposed to the open Atlantic would be uncomfortable. However, the 3 days after that would be even worse so we decided to get on with it. We did have a very good sail down the west coast of the Eleuthera whale tail but, as predicted, when we turned east and until we were in the lee of Little San Sebastian it was a rough ride. With the winds over 20 knots and 5’ seas we were usually at 7 to 8 knots SOG (speed over the ground). Our speed through the water was more but we had a ½ knot of current against us. Overall, it wasn’t too bd and we did have a good idea what it would be like. However, like the Stream crossing, Wilma remained unimpressed but in good humour.

We arrived at Bluff Settlement about 4pm and anchored in a small cove. It was quite windy there, but we decided to stay and move the next day.

Next day w did move in the afternoon the few miles south to Big Bluff and sited a calm area close to shore as the higher points of land provided shelter. We anchored as close into the SE corner of the cove as we could while remaining a few 100 yard off. Much calmer. We also put up our riding sale which reduced our movement by about 50% Peter calculated.

The next day with the winds still over 20 and rain most of the day we decided to remain put.

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