Feb 28th Lee Stocking 4 NM to Date 618 NM

Peter’s photo shows our track last evening as we circled our anchor several times as the tidal currents fought the winds. This morning happily made it to Lee Stocking Island and are anchored in 7’ of water. Twice we had to stop as the engine wasn’t getting water. Seems it’s fine in lower revs but not higher  Thanks to a note from Chris McDonnell we have the problem fixed—the strainer raw water intake needed a new O-ring.

A beautiful spot where we will probably spend several days as high north winds are coming later in the week. I’m sure we’ll cope.

On the second day I flew my drone to get some aerial views. Sadly, on the 2nd takeoff it dropped into the sea. Peter took great effort into drying it out but the following date turning it on only yielded a puff of smoke. So, the drone is no more.

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