Apr 8th Catskill NY 25 NM To Date 2,236 NM

Left the anchorage at 8am. This is the last day of travel until later in May. The boat will be left at a marina on Catskill Creek until the Erie Canal opens May 20th. Tarja is driving down today to pick Bob and Peter up and they will be home in Kingston tomorrow. By tradition, the crew will dine tonight at the New York Restaurant, a tradition started by Ursula Thorley and Jeb Thorley in 2016. This will be the crew’s 4th time there.

Riverview Marine Services in Catskill NY

Finnish Line arrived at Riverview Marine around 2:15pm having dodged all manner of debris in the river, large branches, whole trees and a dock! All this with a current up to 3kn against them. They ended up stopping at Riverview Marine at the mouth of the creek rather than going to Hop-O-Nose. The current at Riverview was 5kn this morning but luckily had dropped to 3 when they arrived. No docks were yet launched so Mike allowed us to tie to the small barge at their fuel dock. We were very fortunate that Mike could accommodate us as we had no plan B!

Tarja arrived around 3:30, in lovely sunshine, a lump of damp clothing was quickly hung up.

Dinner reservations were made at the New York Restaurant and everyone had a final meal thus maintaining their Catskill tradition.

The boat now stays there until latish May when the Erie Canal opens, and it can complete the final leg of the trip.

The crew slept well last night at home although Bob complained he had trouble getting to sleep as there were no waves slapping against the boat.

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