May 20th Waterford NY 38 NM Today 2274 NM To Date

We left Riverview at 6:30am on Friday and got to Waterford around 2pm. It was very calm when we left, always making an for an easy departure but the wind picked up enough during the day that there were whitecaps on the Hudson. Also still lots of debris, Bob got a good picture of a large log he avoided. We had to tie up to the cement wall at Waterford as many spots on the floating docks had been roped off, saved for a Tug Fest happening this weekend. It was still very windy when we were tying up but a fellow from the trawler in front of us came over to help. He said he wanted to fellow Catalina owner, he’s had 3 Catalinas. He was helping the owner of the trawler take the boat to Michigan. We got invited over for drinks and had a great chat with them – very nice fellows.

We start the locks tomorrow morning, we’ll be off the wall before 7am so we make the first lock opening. As you can see from the picture, getting on the off the boat was an interesting exercise, especially for Tarja with the dodgy hip.

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