Jan 19th Heraklion, Crete

We arrived in Crete this morning after a few windy days on the Med – nothing that bothered the QM2. We did have following seas for maybe 36/48 hours after we left Lisbon and then it switched to abeam.

Unfortunately Bob managed to pick up a flu-ey thing – no not Covid – so he’s been under the weather and did not come on the Arkadi Monastery tour this morning. And worse, although he’s feeling a bit better, he is going to skip dinner in the dining room for the third night in a row. I’m having a tough time keeping up his share of wine embibing.

We had a lovely sunny day today with great views driving up to the monastery, Crete is very mountanous, and yes, that is snow in one the pictures. We leave today around 6pm, our next stop is Luxor on Monday.

Snow capped mountains, and, yes, there are ski slopes

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