Feb 12th – Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia

The city is not by the port but a 90 minute drive in. We did a “KL on your own” tour which provided transport to the city and back but we were on our own after that. There was a sort of tour guide on the bus who gave us lots of info about KL. He also told us about his health history 🙄. KL is very green, aside from all the high rises, due to its tropical climate.

We took the LRT transit to the Central Market which was full of small stalls with all manner of consumer goods, souvenirs & food.

We saw the tallest flagpole in the country but not just any flagpole but the one where the Union Jack came down and the new Malaysian flag went up in 1957. A pretty site on a River with several colonial buildings.

However, temp was 31C, felt like 36C. The heat and humidity really got to us so after taking a few pictures in the area near the market, we took the LRT back to the drop off point which was by a huge downtown shopping centre – think Toronto Eaton’s Centre on steroids. And here’s the irony of the day for you. The shopping centre had a really nice Marks & Spencer’s, Bob bought a pair of shorts there 😀.

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