Day 5 – Sept 10, 2017 – Lock 19 NY

Beautiful sunny today. We are definitely not lock virgins anymore. We had our last lockup this morning and not a speck of slime on us, except some on our gloves – which is the norm. The next two locks were down, both of them around a 25 foot drop. They are much easier, no turbulence like the up locks. All the remained locks are now down ones.

We were surprised t how little river/canal traffic we met considering it was a beautiful sunny Sunday and we were on the water from 9:15 to 3:15. We did see several small boats out fishing, but other than that, just a group of three kayakers and one woman in a skull – not a lot.

We tied  up at the wall near the entrance to lock 19 and we’re enjoying some adult libations on John and Joan’s boat when the el humungo catamaranfrom Montreal went by. The boat chicks in short shorts were all ready for the wall, wearing their rubber gloves and boat hooks in hand – it presented an interesting picture, I wish I’d had the nerve to take a photo. We did all wave to each other:)



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