Day 9 – Sept 14, 2017 – Waterford NY

Today was town history and laundry day. We went for a fairly long walk this morning to try and see the old Champlain canal. It was beside a historical centre so Bob descended the stairs to the canal while I checked to see if the little museum was open. It was a hot day and I was sweating buckets, I just wanted to hang out in the shade under a tree. The museum was mildly interesting, a lot about the canals as they had been very important to the economy of Waterford. Before the Dutch and then the English this was Mohawk land and an important area as it was the meeting of two great rivers, the Hudson and the Mohawk.

One of the laundromat dryers ate four quarters without working and of course there was no contact info anywhere. But I was happy to get the lock slime off my poor hoodie that got slimed in the early locks when we were still clueless about how to control the boat in a lock, especially one that was going up.

We had a good chat with a few of the people in the big catamaran. It was built in Montreal by the owner and they’ve had it in the Thousand Islands for the last five years. I did manage to sort take a picture of it from our deck as it sits behind another boat a few hundred feet down the dock from us. It gives a sense of how wide it is.

Into the Hudson River tomorrow and our last lock.

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