Day 13 – Sept. 18, 2017 – Haverstraw Marina NY

Fog again of course but got off to a good start, just before 9am. Not nearly as much traffic on the river today which we expected being a Monday. We saw much of the same scenery and huge houses along the river but there was a bit more industry. There were also some pretty high hills, it might have been the Peekskills

We were passed by a grey military or border patrol looking boat about half way through the day. It didn’t go far in the other direction when we saw it turn around and slowly start back in our direction. Remembering that Ursula & Jeb got boarded on the ICW, Bob said to quickly get our life jackets/vests closer to the cockpit, just in case. We do have life jackets in one of the cockpit lockers but the ones I grabbed were easier to get at. False alert this time, but we’ll keep those jackets close.

Commuter train

The interesting sights on the river today were the Culinary Institute of America, a medieval Scottish Castle – yes, that is what it claimed and what it looked to be, a large nuclear plant – not so lovely, and West Point which was pretty cool. One building which might have been a large sports complex had BEAT AIR FORCE  on one side of the roof and BEAT NAVY on the other. The West Point property is huge including what looked like a castle keep wall. Lots of commuter trains, the tracks are so close to the river I wonder whether the Hudson ever floods.

Culinary Institute of America

Arrived at Haverstraw Marina around 3:30, got gas, a pump out and we were set. It’s a nice marina but we had one complaint, our finger dock was disgusting, covered in seagull splotches and lots of duck poop. We think maybe everyone cleans their own docks and this does not have a regular occupant.

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