Day 18 -Sept 23, 2017 Great Kills Yacht Club, Staten Island NY

And another hot, hot day, it should hit at least 90F. Ron arrived around 1 pm and lunch at the Tiki bar was in order to discuss plans for the rest of the day.

St. Pete’s Chris is docked at a marina at Forked River, about a 1.5 hour drive south of here. He has our replacement radio that was delivered to his daughter’s place on Long Island and Bob’s PFD which he left on Chris’ boat in June. So poor Ron got to do some more driving. Bob really wanted to get the replacement radio installed before he & Ron leave tomorrow as the wind instruments are not working and Bob’s pretty sure it’s because the instrument display is linked to the radio/satellite that died the day before we left Kingston.

We had drinks on Chris’ boat, he, Ron & Bob  perused many weather forecasts and strategised getting to Cape May. Chris is  day ahead of us and will be sailing to Atlantic City tomorrow. The plan is to meet up at Cape May in a few days.










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