Day 25 – Sept 30, 2017 – Sassafras River, Ordinary Point MD

It was a very pleasant evening at the anchorage yesterday, we got there around 5pm. We kept the dinghy in the water and Bob picked Chris up for afternoon G&Ts on Finnish Line. The anchorage was very quiet, just one other boat was there for the night.

We got off to an early start, 7am, to make sure we were leaving at high tide although our track out was at the deeper part of the channel in the harbour. The winds and waves started picking up after about an hour on the water and kept building up to 20 knot gusts, ok for Bob & Chris, not so much fun for me the wimp. We thought there might be a lot of ship traffic but there were just two barges, one passed us and the other one was going east into the canal.

It was a four hour trip and once we turned into the Sassafras River things started to calm down a bit. The challenge there and at the turn to the river was avoiding all the crab pots. Chris checked out the first potential anchorage but there wasn’t much protection from the north wind so we went further down the river and anchored at Ordinary Point, not descriptive of the location, it was very pretty. Although we were much more protected, we dropped anchor around 11am, the gusts kept up until late afternoon. Bob took a look at the weather forecast once we were anchored and there were small craft wind warnings all along the eastern seaboard, including the Chesapeake, for all of today. We knew it was supposed to bit windy today but I don’t think yesterday’s forecast had small craft warnings for today – go figure.

We rowed over to Even Keel for a late afternoon visit, the winds had really calmed down by then and it was hardly a long distance to row. I think this was the first time we’ve had all three meals on board. We had half the tenderloin I got at Loblaws the day before we left – the freezer has worked very well, it’s small but mighty.

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