Day 24 – Sept 29, 2017 – Chesapeake City, MD

It was an innocent enough start to the day, our first cooler night and morning. Took our time to have our morning coffee and then got ready to leave. We needed to head out before low tide, which we thought was round 11am, turns out it was around 12;30pm but even that didn’t help us out. Even Keel was ahead of us on the dock so Chris was the first to leave around 10am. He had barely turned out of the dock when the boat was stuck in mud. The charts were sooooooooo wrong. We got a line from Even Keel to us and tried to pull him off but it was truly a lost cause. We realized that we too were sitting on the bottom, although at dock. Bob did some checking of the tide tables and found out we had arrived at high tide, hence all seemed ok. In the picture where Even Keel is sitting, the charts say he is in 27 feet of water!


And there we sit …..


Both Chris and Bob called Boat US, Chris was toed off and made his way to the anchorage which has lots of water. Because we were at a dock they would not tow us without an extra fee, only $700. We thought waiting for high tide, around 6pm, was a good alternate plan. We’ll move over to the anchorage for the night at high tide and leave early tomorrow;  attempt number two to visit the Sassafras River.

We were told that on this trip it was not a matter of if you get stuck but when. We just didn’t imagine we’d get stuck at dock. We took the dinghy down for the first time and Bob went for a ride to visit Chris at the anchorage.

Close Finish going for a ride.


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  1. Hi Tarja, I’m Having fun being a virtual traveller but it would be great if you included a map in your reports as I’m having trouble going back and forth to maps. Oh and I’d like another gin & tonic while you’re up.?

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