Day 33 – Oct 8, 2017 – Saint Michaels, MD

The plan today was for the four of us to go into the village and stock up a bit on fresh veggies and fruit and generally look around. We meandered a bit trying to find the public dinghy dock and found it near the Museum. When we asked where the grocery store was, we found out that the village’s only grocery store was closing and had very limited supplies left. They weren’t kidding but we did manage to pick up a few things.

View across the bay from our boat.

Saint Michaels is an old village, very pretty and also touristy. The oldest house we saw was from the mid 1700’s . We failed in our attempt to get bread, the only bakery in town was closed today so we’ll try again tomorrow if it doesn’t rain all day as the current forecast says.

Unfortunately Chris has picked up a nasty cold so he stayed   behind when we went to Anne and Lew’s for drinks. They are an amazing couple. When Lew retired at 62  they decided not to sit around. They sold their house and embarked on a 20 year sailing journey on their 48 foot Camper Nicholson that started with spending 2 years sailing in the Bahamas. Then they headed to Europe, going west as the prevailing winds are easterlies – that was Lew’s argument. They are both avid sailors. They sailed around the world but also made many land stops along the way and came home for special occasions and I think often for Christmas – hence it took them 20 years but made it they did.

Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy and very windy most of the day so we may just be staying hunkered down on the boat.

Visiting Anne and Lew, our rafted boats in the background.


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