Day 63 – Nov 7, 2017 – Isle of Palms, SC

We have a short distance to go today, maximum 20nm so there was no need to leave at crack of dawn. This morning Bob changed the boat fuel filters, checked the battery water level and continued his battle with the packing gland.

It was an easy day and my highlight was seeing a dolphin while scanning the water for a submerged log which may or may not have been been visible depending on the tide level.

We passed a large US Coast Guard barge which we later found out works on repairing and if necessary, moving channel markers.

US Coast Guard barge

We got to the Isle of Palms Marina around 12:30 and are on the same dock with two other Catalinas,  ones we’ve seen over the last couple of weeks either at a marina or just on the ICW. The good news for Bob, he is seeing a light at the end of the packing gland tunnel.

Two Catalinas, third one hadn’t arrived yet


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