Day 65 – Nov 9, 2017 – Beaufort SC

The weather did not improve today. We had the Scottish mist thing but also at times heavy rain – no pictures taken today. The scenery along the river and canals might have been nice but things just don’t look great in the rain. There wasn’t much traffic on the ICW today, we were passed by a few trawlers and motor yachts but we figured a lot of people stayed put because of the weather. The rain was so heavy at one point that Bob had to turn his face away – he did sneak looks to steer 🙂

I saw a couple of huge mansions with pillars but they were too far away for decent pictures.

We were very happy to arrive at Lady’s Island Marina at 2 pm and were placed on the first face dock on our approach. As we were tying up the boat we heard a “hello” from a dock near us. Two people were waving at us and asked where in Canada we were from – that big maple leaf flag is a bit of a give away 🙂 They said they’d come and meet us in the marina office as we were heading there to register. They were Tanya & David, Tanya’s parents owned the property near the marina. We chatted a bit and then they invited us to dinner !

The rain was really coming down when we set out for their place, so we were decked out with boots and umbrellas in addition to our rain coats. It was a great evening, Tanya made a delicious local shrimp and vegetable boil. She had talked to her mum before we arrived and told her about inviting us. Her mum’s reaction was “they won’t show up”. Tanya is from Sarnia and it turns out Pat probably bought flowers from her shop before she & Klaus moved to Texas – now that is a small world story!

The four of us laughed at the chances we had taken, them inviting us, us accepting.



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