Day 66 Nov 10 – Beaufort SC

We got up to sunshine – yea!  I did bedding and towel laundry while Bob did maintenance to try to get rid of the white smoke/steam in the exhaust. He thinks he was successful but we won’t know for sure until we’re back on the ICW for a while – but at least revving the engine in neutral, it seemed ok. He had seen a little minnow in the water intake strainer yesterday afternoon, alas it was dead when he did his maintenance this morning. This is the second time we’ve had very small minnows in the strainer.

We walked to town for lunch, it was about a 30 minute walk in lovely sunshine. We walked across the swing bridge we’ll go through when we leave. Beaufort is a lovely town and it was warm enough to have lunch on a patio. Our server was a bit scattered but the foursome at table next to us, especially the young boy, kept me entertained – in a good way.

View from the restaurant patio.

After discussing morning currents with the sailboat behind us, we decided to stay for one more night to take advantage of better currents on Sunday. We then took advantage of the  courtesy car to visit the liquor and grocery stores to stock up.  We’ve found that quite a few marinas that don’t have stores on the premises or within short walking distance, have courtesy cars – a great service.







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