Day 68 – Nov 12, 2017 – Thunderbolt, SC

It was an exciting start to the day but not the kind of excitement we wanted. Bob backed out of our slip, the fellow from the trawler in our old spot was helping. There was very little wind but as Bob put the boat into forward gear and started to move, the current caught and pushed the boat to port. We dinged the anchor of the boat that had been next to us and we’re heading for the dinghy hanging off the back of the trawler. After some creative maneuvering and a boat hook assisted push from the trawler guy, we got out. We emailed the marina that we had dinged the anchor and asked them to let us know what real damage, if any, we had done. We did hear back and the owner of the boat will get back to us. He said he appreciated us contacting the marina about what happened. So we wait to see …….

Finnish Line at dock, Hinkley’s across the river.

Our initial plan was to anchor but the current was giving us such a push that we would have been at the anchorage shortly after 11am. We didn’t want to stop that early so we continued on to our planned stop for tomorrow. We made it by 1:45 pm. We are at a small marina across the river from Hinckley’s Yacht Services, Bob wants them to check out the packing gland -I have no idea  – I just know it’s dripping  faster than Bob likes. They are no open o weekends so he’ll call them first thing  tomorrow.

We had yet another great shrimp dinner. There is a small seafood store, and I’m using the term very loosely, where the local shrimp boats sell their stuff.

The dolphin report – we saw several in the river where we were docked, two went by within a foot of the boat but as always, by the time I got my phone out to take pictures it was too late 🙁



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