Day 71 – Nov 15, 2017 – St Simons Island, GA

The wind picked up in the early morning so for those of you who have slept on the waterline on a boat, you know it gets noisy with the waves slapping on the boat. When Bob looked at the weather forecast there was a small craft wind warning but in general they don’t affect us much on the ICW except when crossing wide channels/rivers, especially if the channel opens to the Atlantic. No dolphins again but when we were getting ready to pull up the anchor, I saw cows on shore at the water’s edge – totally unexpected but despite feeling like we’re in the middle of nowhere, there are houses along the shore of the next bend in the river.

Georgia cows, hard to see but they are there.

Today’s route included the usual shoaling warnings and one of those “ try to do in a rising or high tide” channels. As it turns out we would be going through that area close to low tide. However, we found some low water, 9’ from the waterline,  in an area that was not marked as being shallow and the problem channel with the warning had higher water.

The weather continues to be cool but mostly sunny. We are now stopped at  marina at St Simons Island and will stay here for two nights. We had a delicious dinner at Coastal Kitchen which is right at the marina. We managed to score an inside slip, transients are usually placed on the long outside dock, so we are looking forward to a very quiet non wave slapping night.


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