Feb 10, 2018 – Cape Eleuthera Resort

We pulled out of the harbour around 10am and had a good sail to Cape Eleuthera Resort. We had no luck raising anyone of VHF so just headed to the fuel dock. Still no one in sight so we had to phone the office to get some service. Our impression coming in was that this is not a very busy place, at least not right now. There were a couple of large yachts, one called Electra that appears to belong to Carmen Electra, but most of the many slips were empty. It was a bit of a gong show docking as by now it was quite windy but Cleveland the dock hand/fuel guy was a big help. The slip was a typical half finger with the sets of big pylons past the finger. We went bow in, not fun trying to go in reverse in windy conditions. Our slip is close to the showers and laundry and the office and Marina store. The forecast for tomorrow is 20+ knots of wind so we may stay here for another night. We all had showers – yea, and decided to have dinner at the resort restaurant, it turned out to be very good but all agreed that the decor, which in many ways was very nice, needed a little something more.

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