Feb 11, 2018 – Cape Eleuthera Resort.

After consulting the weather forecast for winds,  which had not improved, Bob & Peter suggested we stay another night. After a hearty poached eggs & toast breakfast we went for a 8.5km walk around part of the point. The resort has rental cottages and we were able to peak into one of them, they looked very cute. Willy looked them up,  the little semi cottages were $250 a night, from what we could see, they are for two people.

Private harbour, maybe hurricane hole

It was a hot day and the walk in the interior felt like a long one, we cleverly remembered to take water with us – came in very handy. We came across a couple of private harbours that we thought were maybe hurricane holes. The walk along the shore was beautiful, not a sandy beach but interesting rock formations.

Gorgeous rocky beach

We even found a swing hanging off a tree so Tarja could revisit childhood playground memories. Peter & Wilma went for a swim to the real beach in the afternoon while Bob & Tarja chilled on the boat.

Swing time

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