Feb 12, 2018 – Little San Salvador

It was a very bouncy, 7.5 hour trip today. The winds were 20+ knots and the max wave heights were six feet. Peter & Bob tried to chart a course that we could sail all the way but finally had to give up after 4.5 hours and turn on the motor. It was not a fun ride, very mixed seas so waves coming from many directions – confused seas I think it’s called. The highlight of the last three hours was being accompanied by a pod of dolphins for 3-5 minutes.   Willy got some fabulous shots of the dolphins. The rocking and rolling didn’t give up until we got very close to the bay. The interesting thing about the bay, which we didn’t notice until Peter read it on the chart when we were already   close to the island was that it has a “perpetual surge” hmmmmmm. Yup, it did. It was a lovely bay with a beautiful beach but yes, there were continual small ground swells. Made for an interesting time moving about on the boat and sleeping. The island is owned by Holland Cruise Lines but boats can anchor there as long as they keep away from the designated swimming areas and do not try to go on land. No ships here tonight.

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