April 2, 2018 – Joes Cay, Abaco

Leaving the dock from Lighthouse Marina this morning in very light wind conditions was supposed to be very easy. Unfortunately John, from the sailboat next to us and Bob got their messages mixed. John was helping us off the dock and was pulling on the bowline to pull the boat to turn it facing forward, Bob didn’t realize that and was reversing so John had to let go of the line. We pulled back towards the dock, I threw John the bow line again and by this point Scott from another sailboat had hopped into his dinghy and came over to pull us out of the little harbour area using the bow line which by now was in the water. Added to this excitement was going around an large island tanker that had pulled up the main dock, we’re assuming it was delivering fuel.

Tanker at dock as were heading out.


It was just under two miles to the anchorage at Joes Cay. Conditions are very benign the many waves coming from passing boat, tender and dinghy traffic. It’s kinda fun watching all the boats going by, a form of people watching. There is a much busier anchorage about half a mile south of us.

We took the dinghy over to Firefly Resort which is very close by and had dinner there. There are two other boats spending the night here.


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