April 3, 2018 – Joes Cay, Abaco

When Chris & Cindy we’re in the Abacos they recommended the Abaco Inn as a good place for lunch so that was our adventure today. It is at the south end of Elbow Cay. Our plan was to dinghy over to what looks like a marina near us and walk to the Inn via a grocery store that is on the way,  it’s not a long walk and is a much shorter dinghy ride than going to the White Sound channel which takes you to the dinghy/ small boat dock by the Inn.

There were two men working at the marina-to-be and they told us we couldn’t tie up, it was a private marina. One of them pointed to a dock nearby with steep stairs up to the point of land, he said it was the public dock. So off we went, tied up and then walked along a path which had been hacked into a fairly dense wooded area. We weren’t convinced this was going to lead us where we wanted to go but figured the walk wasn’t going to hurt us. The path ended at a gazebo at the tip of a point of land – what the ???

Back we went. There was a boat ramp opposite dock where we tied up and maybe that’s what the guy at the marina meant but there was nowhere to tie up and it certainly wasn’t  a dock.  That meant going via White Channel, meanwhile dark clouds were gathering behind us. It was starting to rain very lightly as we got close to the dock and by the time we were tied up the heavens opened up. Luckily there was a roof at the dock so we waited till the squall was over, it didn’t last long.

The setting for the restaurant at the Inn is gorgeous. The patio faces the Atlantic, we got a table at the covered patio closest to the beach and watched the rollers come in. The food and service were excellent, so a winner all around – thanks Chris and Cindy. The pictures are views from our table.

A lazy afternoon back at the boat, we started to watch a series called The Windsors on Netflix. It’s an over the top takeoff of the royal family. It amazes  me that they can do this without  being sued.










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