May 1, 2018 – Morehead City, North Carolina

Left just before 6:30 this morning. Chris helped me off the dock just before he caught his Uber to the airport and hence home to St Petersburg …. thank you, Chris. Beginning of the day was benign but forecast of 2-3’ seas and 15 knot winds became 5+ seas and 20+ winds by early afternoon. No problem as I was sailing downwind. However, when I turned into the Beaufort Inlet I had the seas on the beam. So much steering that I had to engage the autopilot for a short time as my arms were getting very tired. Found my anchorage and anchored in the 20 knot winds which certainly has to be thought through when solo. Made a Manhattan and checked in with US Customs and Border Department. Main event of the day was the dolphins that came to race along the bow of the boat for 20 minutes …. just awesome.


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