May 4, 2018, Manteo, Roanoke Island, North Carolina

Rough night. Had to sleep in the aft cabin as there was NO way to sleep forward. Only calmed down to 15 knots by the morning so it was a fun motor/sail avoiding crab pots and riding waves this morning. Half of today was spent in a shallow narrow channel that took me by some pretty sandy islands. The lighthouse is on Bodie Island just above Cape Hatteras. The funny item to the right is a duck blind …. there were lots of these. Very little traffic except locals. Arrived at Manteo (pronounced man knee oh) early afternoon. This was one of Sir Walter Raleigh’s settlements 1584-86. However, the settlers told him they didn’t want to stay. When Raleigh arrived with ships to take them off they couldn’t find them and never did. It’s known as The Lost Colony. Pleasant, friendly town to wander around. Lots to do here if one were staying longer.


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