May 5, 2018 – Black Water Creek, Virginia

Lottsa fun doing a giant slalom amongst the crab pots this morning – keeps me active! Didn’t want to pour in an extra jerry can of diesel and calculated that I could make it to Coinjock Marina with what’s in the tank. Was able to sail for 2 1/4 hours on Albermarle Sound. Have calculated that if I hadn’t sailed I woulda had .4 of a US gal left at the fill up. ? The water picture shows miles and miles of open water BUT outside of the channel is typically 1 to 3 feet of water with the odd 5 to 7’ where one could anchor. I’m anchored in Black Water Creek where Tarja and I anchored on the way down. Just 24 nm left for tomorrow although there are several bridges and a lock to contend with.

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