March 1, 2019 – Balzan, Malta

It was an exciting last day on Malta. The plan for today was to take the bus to the cliffs at Dingli and then walk back to the restaurant where we had lunch a couple of days ago. The day didn’t start well, our bus was very late and we thought we had missed the connecting bus at Rabat and would have to wait close to an hour for the next one. The bus schedule at our stop in Rabat didn’t necessary agree with Bob’s Google Malta transit App, not unusual.

When we left the house it was sunny and quite warm. By the time got to Rabat a lot of clouds had rolled in and the winds had picked up so it was cool waiting for the bus. Much to our pleasant surprise we only had to wait about 15 minutes – that was the good part. We got to Dingli, passed the restaurant and as our bus met an oncoming bus on a typically narrow road, it pulled off to one side and in the process slightly scraped some paint off the front of a car that was parked a few inches over “the line” – on a corner. The driver of the oncoming bus stopped – he had to as he couldn’t pass us but I think also hung around to provide support to his fellow driver. The woman who owned the car seemed to be making a huge issue out of the whole thing. It was very difficult to see the damage, it was so minor. The driver of the other bus said it would be at least an hour before anything would be moving as they had to call the police.

We got off the bus and walked to the cliffs, it was only about a 10-15 minute walk and lo and behold, came across the sign for Bobbyland – who’d have thunk it!

Our driver on the right, woman in white coat is owner of car that was scraped

Windy cliffs at Dingli
Cliffs at Dingli
Navigation Transmitting Site

The views of the cliffs were pretty spectacular. It was very windy so we were careful not to get too close to the edge, but it was not as windy as when we were climbing Goat Fell !!!

We walked along the cliffs as far the Navigation Transmitting Site, which looked like giant golf ball. A plaque across the road pointed out that the first Radio Directing Finding radar installed outside of the UK was mounted underground at this location in 1939. It was supposed to be an experimental installation but as WWII was declared a few months later, it became a permanent installation which proved to be very useful in the defence of Malta and other parts of the Mediterranean.

We walked the backroads back to Dingli and had a wonderful lunch back at Diar it-Bniet. We picked up the Malta tour book that got left on the table when we were there for lunch on Wednesday. We recognized one couple that had been on the bus, we wondered whether they had come straight to the restaurant from the big accident.

Our return bus ride was totally uneventful. Packing tonight, our taxi comes at 7am, we fly to Paris for the next 6 days.

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