March 2, 2019 – Paris

Our alarms were set for 5:45 am, the taxi was scheduled to come at 7am. I had a dream that the taxi company called us just before 7am to say they were unable to send a cab so I was relieved when it arrived a bit before 7. We flew Malta to Munich to Paris. Both flights were pretty much on time. Interestingly, on the 2+ hour flight to Munich there was nothing for free, you would have had to pay even for water. On the slightly over 1 hour flight to Paris, we were offered sandwiches and drinks (non alcoholic) for free. I guess the first flight (Maltese airline) was one of those no-frills flights, Munich to Paris was Lufthansa.

There was a bit of a kerfuffle meeting up with our pre-arranged cab driver but we did find each other once Bob called the company. He was supposed to have been holding a sign with Story on it but he had the name displayed on his phone. I also think he was not near the exit when we arrived as we were all looking for him. However, he was a nice young man who did a great job navigating through the traffic for an hour to get to our flat in the 6th arr.

View from the taxi

The next challenge, once we got through the two sets of doors with codes, was getting the door to the flat open. All three of us tried, Bob finally got it open with a “special” tug on the big immobile handle in the middle of the door. The flat is as pictured but we’re quite sure the pictures were taken before there was much wear and tear on the furniture. However, it’s fine, the location is great which is one of the reasons we chose it. Caroline and I went to the Carrefour, which is only about a five minute walk, to pick up few groceries and a few bottles of wine – one in each colour. The walk there took a bit more than five minutes as we kept stopping to do some window shopping. Lots of shoe and clothing stores along the way.

We had dinner at an Italian restaurant close to our flat recommend by Caroline’s friend Ron. It was reeeeelly good. The weather today in Paris was ok, cloudy but not cold. Sadly, if the forecast is to be believed, we’ll get some rain every day that we’re here.

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