Day 4 Valleyfield QC 26 nm today 127 nm to date

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Racing a freighter and losing

Warm enough to enjoy Linda’s French toast in the cockpit of Ramble On. No locks today and pretty much a straight shot to Valleyfield. We hugged the north side of the channel as a freighter passed us. We fuelled up at the Valleyfield Marina before getting to our dock. Interestingly, all of the fuel/dock hands were young women. Vry used to seeing several hands as women but think this is the first time it’s all women. Progress? I think so. They were very good.

Chris and I had a saunter around town and picked up some groceries. Very mixed architecture with one church that seemed to be its own style. returned through a lovely waterfront park that contained some of the original canal—very pretty. Image may contain: sky, car and outdoorWhile it was warm when we arrived it became quite cool later and the rain arrived. Rather like spending a rainy day at the cottage staying inside the boat to read and do small tasks.

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Ramble On tucked in behind us




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