Day 5 Kahnawake Marina QC 28 nm today 155 nm to date

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The bridge finally opens
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John, who has patience, waits for the lock to clear
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Rafted to Ramble On for the ride down. The yellow gizmo is a suction device (there are 3 of them) to hold the freighters in place.

According to the Seaway site bridges at this time of year bridges are on demand for openings for pleasure craft. Just before leaving Chris called the bridge and was told there’s a schedule and the next opening is 11am. So rather than have breakfast on the move we had breakfast before leaving. But guess we gunned it too much as we had about a 20 minute wait once we got there. When the bridge didn’t open at 11 I called on the radio at 11:05. I did not get a radio response but the gates to stop the cars immediately came down. Maybe he was napping. It was a very cool and drizzly day and John’s hot soup was most welcome. At the first lock the light was red so we proceeded to the pleasure boat dock to wait instructions which we received about 45 minutes later. Cruising requires patience ?Both of these locks (Beauharnois 1 & 2) had us with only one boat against the wall with the other boat rafted to that boat. Ramble On was against the wall leaving us little effort in locking through.

We arrived at Kahnawake Marina about 4pm. Originally we were told that the marina wasn’t open enough to accommodate us so we decided we would  anchor in the bay close by. While we were scouting the anchorage we heard a whistle and a man beckoned us in to perch on the end dock. Which means we can plug in the electric heater! Plus it’s a very pretty setting. The sun is out so it’ll be dinner outside.

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