Day 8 Portneuf QC 70 nm today 294 nm to date

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Trees but no visible land as it’s all under water

Day 8 Portneuf QC. Decided to reduce the number of days to Québec City. We chose Portneuf 70 nm away which necessitated a 7am departure. Lots of current up to 3 knots in our favour and we arrived about 3:30pm. Although sunny when we left it quickly clouded over (as per the forecast) and then rained for a while(not in the forecast!) and it was chilly to say the least. By spelling each other off each hour we were able to keep warm and catch up on our reading ?The sun coming out in the afternoon made the voyage quite pleasant. Lots of ship traffic both ways kept it interesting. The (unforecasted) higher winds made docking a bit of a chore but each boat helped the other so all went well. Tomorrow Québec City.

Image may contain: sky, outdoor and water
Well decorated mark shows the extent of the almost 3 knot current

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