Day 80 Sou’ West Cove St Margaret’s Bay NS 11 nm today 1695 nm to date

Set off mid-morning for an easy motor down St Margaret’s Bay. Passed an anchored Coast Guard cutter along the way but it did not launch any ribs to check us out this time —- perhaps they’ve tired of us?

Reached our cove about noon. If you hadn’t seen it on the charts you wouldn’t know it’s here. There’s a small boating club on the shore that has many mooring balls out. So many that it was very difficult to choose an anchor spot where we wouldn’t hit the shore or a mooring ball. After checking out the whole cove we settled on the entrance just after the last moored boat. Before we dropped the hook a kayaker came by to give us some tips on the water levels: good on the right side, very shallow on the left at the entrance. It was 40’ of water but I was leery of letting out more than 110’ for fear of swinging into the rock side of the cove. 80’ was chain with light winds so thought we’d be good. At dinner another boater (a ship pilot from Halifax) came by to further warn us of the shoals on the left. There was a family of seals there all day so we figured it was shallow. Sure enough at low tide in the late evening we could see a ledge awash.

There were irregular swells coming in so our two boats, rafted together, made loud bumpy noises all night ?

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The cove
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The shore off our starboard quarter
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Someone built this butt ugly castle in the cove in the 70s ?

























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