Day 87 Lahave (or maybe La Have) NS 21 nm today 1759 nm to date

Interesting sail past some shore caves at the mouth of Lunenburg Bay. Sunny day with little wind until we couldn’t use it (of course!)

Made a detour to view the caves

After going up river to get fuel at the Lahave YC we came back down river a few miles to dock at a bakery. That’s right, a bakery! Building also has a wonderful old bookstore and reading room as well as a crafts room. Lovely late lunch and we were able to pick up scallops for dinner.

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Returning back down river after getting fuel
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Our dock (Ramble On is already there) at the bakery. What a wonderful combination
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The reading room-Debbie smiles at all the books while Chris pays the dock bill … $.75 per foot …. wow!
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Some woman photo bummed me ?







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Ordering lunch

















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