Day 128 Hop-O-Nose Catskill, NY 22 nm today 2668 nm to date

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Beautiful view of the Catskills

It was a calm four hour motor trip up the Hudson to Hop-O-Nose Marina. The scenery continued lovely with the Appalachians/Catskills in the background.

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and beautiful homes
Image may contain: sky, cloud, mountain, house, outdoor, nature and water
and lighthouses

Arriving at Catskill Creek, we had to cool our heels for just a little while waiting for a couple of other boats to move out. Once docked, both boats started prep work for the masts coming down tomorrow. The first task was finding the mast stands that Linda and Bob delivered here in May. Ramble On’s stands were easy to find, Finnish Line’s were more of a challenge. The marina had cleared out stands older than two years. Bob had visions of having to build new stands but luckily Chris spied the tallest bit in a corner and with some moving of other stand parts they were dug out. Delicious ribs for dinner at Creekside restaurant at the marina.
























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