Days 131 and 132 Amsterdam NY

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Pedestrian walkway to the south shore of Amsterdam
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Lots of lovely hydrangea on the walkway

LInda and Chris rented a car so they could make a quick trip to Ottawa, it’s about a four hour drive, to celebrate Linda’s mum’s 85th birthday which is on Sept 29. Bob and Tarja did some boat chores and relaxed with some reading in the afternoon. We had picked out a restaurant for dinner that was a half hour walk. We left at 5:30 and until we got within 10 minutes of the restaurant didn’t really see any other people. The walk took us thought mixed neighbourhoods; several medical clinics, low rise apartments, possibly a senior’s residence. It then changed to houses which didn’t appear to be well looked after. At this point we started to see kids on bikes and a few other people on the streets. In general we though that it was a sketchy area.

Bosco’s is a neighbourhood Italian restaurant, the food was good and plentiful, Tarja brought more than half of her lasagna back to the boat. It was Image may contain: plant, outdoor and naturedark when they left and so decided to call an Uber to the boat, probably a good decision. It still left the somewhat dark walkway from the shopping centre to the walkway over the highway and railway tracks. Riverview Park, where the boats are docked, is situated in an impossible to reach by car spot. One has to park in the shopping centre and then take the overhead walkway across.

More boat chores and laundry SundayImage may contain: one or more people, people standing, sky, cloud, tree and outdoor morning. Decided take the pedestrian/bike bridge to the south side of the river and have lunch there. What a pleasant surprise this was. The walkway is quite wide, planters on both sides, art work at both ends and in the middle and lots of historical pictures and plaques along the way. Very surprised to see a group of purple irises about to bloom, one had opened, not exactly a fall flower. The city has done a wonderful job with this bridge. The little bit of the south side we walked, the restaurant was not very far, was much nicer than the north side. The waitress was great and provided lots of information about local goings on. Forget to ask about the Kirk Douglas, he was born and raised in Amsterdam. Linda and Chris got back around 7 after a a good birthday visit. Spent much of the evening after dinner staring at weather maps, there is some very nasty stuff forecast for early next week, just when we’re contemplating the crossing from Oswego to Kingston. Seven locks to go tomorrow but should be able to make it to Little Falls before 5 and that will also get the 40 foot lock at Little Falls done —- it’s the tallest lock.

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Our lunch spot


































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