Day 133 Little Falls NY 37 nm today 2776 nm to date

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Typical scenery along the Mohawk River

Seven locks done today to get to Little Falls, we got here at 3:30. The 40 foot lock at Little Falls was a bit of a non-event as the lock master did a really slow rise so no turbulence – it took 20 minutes. We also had to wait around 20 minutes to get into the lock. It was an interesting view looking up at the top of the lock.

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Lots of trains along the river
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Passenger train, like one Tarja took from Syracuse to NYC
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Ramble On racing with the transports on Interstate 90


We had Interstate 90 south of us and the train tracks north of us for quite a bit of today’s trip. Finnish Line’s engine overheated just a little bit so we had to slow down a little for half of today’s trip. Bob figured there was something stuck in the through hull – that was the problem Ramble On had a couple of days ago. It’s easy to suck up stuff when you’re having to go really slowly while waiting for a lock to open. Once we got close to Little Falls there were some interesting looking houses right at the edge of the river bank, sitting on rock foundations. I’m assuming they have no fear of erosion.
We stopped at a very friendly town marina run by the Rotary and walked into town to the Copper Moose Ale House for dinner. Food was fine, service friendly but inefficient, including a delay in getting our dinner due to a kitchen fire, bringing Bob the wrong wine and they claimed to have totally run out of desserts cause it had been very busy – really ? Yes, we know – first world problems.


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House on the Mohawk at Little Falls









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LIttle Falls, I think those houses a bit close to the edge
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Docked at the Rotary sponsored Marina









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