Feb 20/21st Stocking Island George Town 52 NM To Date 579 NM

The purpose of this trip was to travel south to explore some of the more remote islands of the Bahamas. Unhappily wind and waves have prevented our further south advance. Instead, today we headed SW to George Town and will now go north at a very relaxed pace gunk holing through the Exumas. While disappointed after all the prep and research we are still cruising in February so life ain’t bad after all.

We set off for George Town at 6:30 under a beautiful sunrise.

Leaving New Bight

We arrived to anchor off of Stocking Island about 3pm.

Last time we were anchored off Stocking Island (near George Town) 4 years ago there were probably 200 boats. That number has doubled! We will hike/explore Stocking and provision in George Town and then set off to quieter islands. Below when we left New Bight this morning at first light and then off Stocking Island after dark — a small city of boats.

Today we dinghied ashore to wander the beach and try to find the trail up to the monument on Monument Hill. We finally found the path and scampered up to the top only to find it was the top of the hill one over! So a wander down the side of it and up the other side to reach the summit. A very good view of the entire harbour plus the Atlantic side.

Looking over the George Town Harbour with Monument Hill on Right


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