Feb 22/24th Stocking Island George Town #2 9 NM To Date 599 NM

Wanted to get away from the crowded anchorage and buzzing dinghies so we left about 10am and headed the 9nm south east to Man of War Cay. When we got there we didn’t even try to get in let alone anchor as it was too wavy and windy. We thought it would be more sheltered given the descriptions. Instead we turned around and returned to the Stocking Island anchorage about a mile SE of where we had been.

Given the winds we will be here several days.

Took a water taxi to George Town today. Had a pleasant lunch and then did some shopping and we FINALLY scored a new Bahamian courtesy flag β€” the old one is only held together by gorilla tape and can only be flown by clothes pinning to a shroud as the grommets are blown out. Also got some groc and alcohol and Willie a rather fine new dress. So here we sit eyeing our neighbourhood: soooo many Canadian boats, many boats with fenders out (at anchor!), and soon, at sunset, we will hear from many boats conchs being blown. I am assured that this is a Canadian thing. πŸ˜• Also I continue to be amazed by how much of the Bahamas was settled by UELs after the US Revolution. I guess travelling really is a learning experience πŸ€—

Sunset in our Boatie Village

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