Feb 25/26th Emerald Bay Marina 13 NM To Date 602 NM

Arrived noonish yesterday at Emerald Bay Marina after an hour and a half of being tossed about. The ride in through the gap was fun with the initial waves pushing us in. We filled up with diesel but our slip has no shore power so we continue to rely on solar. To charge the dinghy battery we took turns in babysitting it inside the office to get it charged up. Wilma got our laundry done post haste. We will fill up with water just before we leave but seem to be managing well for 2 weeks at a time by being careful.

Below is an amazing 70’ boat complete with a dinghy garage at the stern. However, this is not a yacht but rather a tender to a yacht!! All I can say is, wow! But then I’m easily impressed 🥸

There is a CDN ketch here delightfully called, Ketch 22. It purports to be from Kingston but don’t know if that’s Ontario or Nova Scotia. Anyone know it? Turns out we ran into them in NYC in Sept 2019.

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  1. Oh my Bob, you may be impressed, but, for me, that baby is one of the ugliest vessels that I’ve laid eyes on. Just sayin’.

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