Mar 8th Hawksbill Cay 27 NM to Date 692 NM

Hawkesbill is a Bahama Park Property and offers about 10 mooring balls there. Much to our surprise only one was taken when we arrived. Turns out it is a very, very rollie area so sleeping wasn’t very restful.  Peter read about a poisonous plant on the island but did not know what it looked like. To be safe this was one island we did not go exploring except for the beach. It’s quite pretty and has several beaches. However, in leaving the beach we ran over a sandbar and lost one of the dinghy motor blades. A new one is not obtainable in the Bahamas other than by importing one. However, we are close enough to the end of the trip that it won’t severely curtail us.

The military looking ship is really a 220′ super yacht named Intrepid. It follows the mothership, a 290′ super yacht, Infinity, and carries the toys that Infinity doesn’t have room for. They are owned by one of the Google folks. See .

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