Mar 9th Palm Cay 44 NM to Date 736 NM

We decided not to head west to Andros as originally planned but rather to do a few more Exuma islands and then head to Palm Cay on Providence (where Nassau is). We know from previous experience that it is a nice marina and has a courtesy car to do some provisioning. However, the no slips were available when we wanted them so had to move up our trip there by several days. At Palm Cay, Wilma announced that this was a good departure point for her and can’t say we can blame her. We are all a little knocked about from the longer crossing days with the seemingly rolling waves. Our next stop was to be the Berrys and then onto Bimini, but we decided instead to work our way up the Berrys and then cross to Grand Bahamas island to check out with customs and then begin our journey up the US coast back to Canada.

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