Mar 17th – 19th St Simons Inlet GA 362 NM To Date 1,243 NM

After 2 rolling days we had a respite yesterday about 5pm β€” a gentle sail with little rolling so we had a proper cocktail hour.

Pleasant Cocktail Hour in the Gulf Stream

After dinner Peter noticed clouds that showed the classic warm area rising and the cold dropping. Peter suggested we take in the main down just in case.


Then 10 mins before we were hit, and I do mean hit, we furled the jib. The sky opposite had that infinite ominous grey/black look where you think you’re looking into abyss.

Then enormous driving rain, huge waves and winds of 30-40 knots with a top of 50.6 πŸ˜• One solar panel came off so we tied it down-it was hanging now by a single cable and seemed to want to do damage to something or someone. We took turns steering but into a north wind now. It was exhausting. Near midnight the sirrus weather showed what looked like a 2nd go. Peter suggested drifting south which we did. Finally about 3 or 4am we reset to our original course.


There was no warning of this in the marine reports! 😞 Marine forecasts are stupid.

We also had more of the raw water problem. Turns out the fan belt for the water pump was loose. So now we are heading into the inlet where before we were going to sail to save the engine for docking.

We arrived at St Simon’s Marina about 4:30 and welcomed a good shower.

We were going to set off again tomorrow morning but now we will rest and clean up the boat and have a good dinner at the marina restaurant which we have enjoyed the other times we’ve been here.

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